Refund Policy's Refund Policy is defined for two types of transactions:

Out-of-Network ("Commerce") Transactions

Out-of-Network ("Commerce") transactions are transactions created by a 3rd party commerce provider on our deposits page where our virtual credits are purchased. These transactions involve the flow of funds from an external source into's network.

Our policy is to allow one refund per user account per 30 days. This mitigates the chance of system abuse while allowing those who made a mistake with their purchase selection to make another purchase, or for those those not happy with the service for whatever reason to get their unspent money back.

When making a refund, only remaining virtual credits that have not been spent on In-Network ("Marketplace") purchases (below) are eligible for return. Any In-Network ("Marketplace") purchases made with purchased virtual credits are considered final and are not refundable.

In-Network ("Marketplace") Transactions

In-Network ("Marketplace") transactions are transactions made within's network after virtual credits have been purchased via an Out-of-Network ("Commerce") transaction (above). These transactions involve the flow of value from one account to another. They are created on our primary marketplace when a user directly purchases a product from a publisher. They are also created on our secondary marketplace when a user sells to another user directly.

Currently, all In-Network ("Marketplace") transactions are considered final and cannot be refunded. Please note that this functionality is an identified feature on our roadmap. In the future, you will be able to freely request a refund from a publisher (or reselling user) based on the policy that they establish.

Supported Commerce Providers

Currently, both Stripe and PayPal support refunds. Coinbase Commerce is currently in beta and does not support refunds at the moment. When this feature is enabled on Coinbase Commerce's side, it will become a priority to be enabled here on
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